Italy’s Luxury Hotels

Italy has a gorgeously lush history to match its beautiful surroundings. And where better to experience the best that Italy has to offer than in one of the country’s luxury hotels? We’ve collected information on a few of the country’s most spectacular properties.

Sardinia Hotel

Photo by HLB

Hotel Romazzino 

An absolute charm on the famous Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, Romazzino is an amazing hotel at which to spend memorable European holidays. Each of its 78 guest rooms and 16 suites has a private terrace or balcony decorated in Sardinian style with handmade ceramics, fabrics and wood furnishings made by the island’s best craftsmen. The elegant restaurant found here serves truly regional cuisine, designed to delight your taste buds with the various available options. Located only 35 minutes drive from Olbia Airport, enter a realm of relaxation of Romazzino, a true pleasure be full of charming moments.

Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda

If you are looking for a luxury boutique hotel housing extreme elegance, offering complete discretion and tailored service, then Villa Feltrinelli is the place for you. The mere entrance into this posh property will enlighten your senses due to its wonderful atmosphere. The exclusive seclusion of this boutique hotel will make you go gaga, and you can feel true peace of mind.

Villla Mangiacane in Tuscany

Just 20 minutes away from Florence Airport and just 12 kms away from the Historic Centre of Florence, Villas Mangiance is the ideal place for discovering and relishing in Italy’s most stunning regions. There are 28 rooms and suites which are perfectly embellished and a Gourmet Restaurant is recognized for its Tuscan pasta and meat specialities. The Nadushka spa is constructed for the well being of the guests. Guests feel gratified to experience such a wide range of holistic and wellness therapies, one can also get a charming glow with beauty treatments such as manicures, facials and pedicures.

St Regis Grand in Rome

There are several luxury boutique hotels in Rome, but St. Regis Grand has managed to enchant the guests due to their exclusive services and mesmerizing ambience . Many national and international dignitaries, heads of state, business executives, and widely known celebrities love to fall prey to this lovely hotel’s charm. In addition, you can also dine in the the number one restaurant, Vivendo, nominated by Zagat and the Gold Key award winner for decor. Just 40 minutes by drive from Rome Fiumicino Airport will take you to this hotel.

Bulgari Hotel Milan 

Any trip to Italy accompanied with a stay in Bulgari Hotel takes splendor to the next level. The hotel’s 58 rooms are furnished using teak, oak and granite and are opulent and decent. Bulgari Spa is there to immerse visitors into serenity and is perfect way to unite the soul peace.

Why not make your next Italian vacation the height of luxuriousness?

Shop Til You Drop in Beijing

The ancient city of Beijing is also the capital of China. It is thriving metropolis that not only boasts of beautiful and scenic spots and a vast array of monuments, it also promises exciting shopping expeditions. After enjoying the sights of the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs, The Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven, a visit to the numerous shopping areas in the city are a must. Even if you are holidaying in some other part of China, you can always take cheap flights to the Chinese capital to embark on an exhilarating shopping expedition.


Beijing by Sam Sherratt

Thankfully, there are cheap flights to Beijing and this means that people can save a lot of money, which can be spent on buying beautiful Chinese silk, artifacts, pearls and much more. The city is teeming with markets and malls that offer great bargains, as long as you know where to go.

The Silk Alley Market is the most popular shopping area in the city. Until 2005 it was an open-air market, but now it is housed in a 5-storeyed building in Xiushuidong Jie. This place offers famous brands, such as Nike, Puma and Northface. The building is also popular for cashmere sweaters, linen, clothes, traditional Chinese toys, precious stones, shoes, luggage, and handicraft. Once you finish shopping, you can relax at the food court that the building has.

People should then head to Hongqiao Market. This market is located in Chongwen District and has several shops that sell seawater, cultured, pink, black, ivory and freshwater pearls. It is best to check a couple of shops before purchasing the pearls, as the price and quality vary from one shop to another. In addition, you can also pick up knockoff handbags in the market, if you cannot afford the actual brand.

Flea market lovers will get enchanted with Panjiayuan Market, which is located in Chaoyang District on the Third Ring Road. This market houses around 3,000 stalls that open at dawn and continue selling their wares until 4 pm. The market is popular for selling antiques and you can pick up beautiful Buddha statues, silk screen, porcelain vases and jade bangles. At times, you may be lucky enough to pick up genuine products back to the Chinese Cultural Revolution that took place in the 1960s.

Mall lovers should head to the Oriental Plaza, which boasts of an area of 12,000 square meters. Located at Wangfujing Street, the Plaza promises an exciting experience in dining, shopping and entertainment. The mall is categorized into six-themed sections, namely the Market Square, the Metro City, the Garden Court, the International Boulevard, the Wonderful World and the Sky Avenue. Here you can find original products from famous brands, such as Valentino, Burberry and Max Mara. It offers a completely different perspective to shopping in the capital city of China. There are numerous flights to Beijing and if you manage to get a cheap plane ticket, you will be able to save a lot of money, which can be spent in buying the beautiful and wonderful wares that this metropolis has to offer.

A Tale of Three Cities

North America, and the US in particular, is such a large place, with many different options in different climates and settings. Here are three cities in the US, each one unique, but all offer something special for your next trip.


New York City by Jay Reed

North America Tour Locations

1. New York

If you are seeking an exciting vacation, New York is one of the most convenient places to spend a holiday with your better half. New York stands out as a centre of business and is riddled with architecture  of the 21st century. To make your stay comfortable hotels are furnished with state of the art technology, and are equipped for entertainment. Anyone looking for luxury cannot fail to locate a hotel that is perfect for a stay in this amazing city.

2. Jackson Hole

To experience luxury at its best, it is imperative to book a skiing holiday at Jackson Hole. It boasts of some of the most spectacular scenery in North America. Its powder filled bowls are acclaimed the world over, making it one of the most sought after destinations for anyone who loves skiing and  a laid back lifestyle. With its high altitude, the place is convenient for tourists from wide range of backgrounds. For refreshments and accommodation you have a wide range of options to make sure that only excellent service is provided. Ranch Inn Hotel, Snow King Resort and Love Ridge condos are just but a few of the options where you can be greeted with a courteous welcome.

3. Miami

Miami is one of the most exciting North American tourist destinations where one can enjoy the finer things in life. The calibre of service ensures that you reap the most during your stay, but fun is also a way of life here. From water sports like swimming, snorkeling, sailing and diving, to family activities like the zoo and theme parks, Miami has something for everyone.

These are just a few of the amazing destinations that North America has to offer. Which one will you choose?