Exotic Morocco

If you have never visited North Africa, you need to arrange for the vacation of a lifetime. Besides the Saharan climate, Morocco is privileged to have several mountains which highlight it as being among the most beautiful destinations across the planet.


Morocco by Hector Garcia

Morocco holiday destinations

To experience the best of Morocco holidays, it is advisable to make sure that you choose from places with spectacular views where you can also enjoy the tropical sunlight. This will ensure that you enjoy the warmth as well as the breeze from the adjacent mountains.

Atlas & Rift Mountains

If you are not used to extremely hot climates, the ultimate place is none other than along the Atlas and Rift mountains. Extending from the Moroccan port to the Tunisian capital you have vast areas to cover to test your stamina in high temperatures. Alongside welcoming accommodation, you will be set for a thrilling experience in the company of desert guides who will ensure that you are do not get lost in the vast desert sands.

Moroccan Coast

One of the most striking features of the Moroccan coast are the fine sand beaches. With the warm weather common with Mediterranean climates, you are bound to enjoy various beach activities. The Mediterranean climate has not only made the Moroccan coast a major destination among holiday makers but has actually become a hub of activities, especially in summer. With the appealing sandy beaches amidst the blissful ocean, one cannot imagine a better place to spend a holiday in the company of family.

Sahara Desert

A wide range of Moroccan destinations is best to make sure that everyone has a great time. The variety of Moroccan cities alongside the desert terrain ensures that you have a unique experience as you move from Todra Gorge to Draa valley to Dades valley. At Dades valley, you will encounter a wild landscape of desert. This part of the desert is beautiful and is very popular for Jeep safaris and desert camping.

Come see why Morocco has become the top tourist destination in North Africa!