Amsterdam at its Best

When you think of the Norse countries, you generally think of something cold, distant and quite on the grim side. Yet, many of the people are surprised when visiting the Northern countries by the fact that these places look nothing like the dark Viking land everybody knows from the movies. Actually, the Netherlands in general (and Amsterdam in particular) are quite the opposite when you visit them during the spring season. Why is that and why should you pick the first months of spring as your date for your Amsterdam trip? Read on and find out!

The Flowers

If you did not know this already (although you very much likely did know it), Amsterdam is a city of wonderful flowers, with tulips crowned as the national symbol. Visiting Amsterdam in the spring will be a joy for the eyes and a joy for your soul, as the multitude of colours, the splendid arrangements and the absolutely mesmerizing sight will definitely bring you into a very good mood. The Keukenhof Gardens are definitely a must-see in Amsterdam, but if you want a bit more “wilderness”, you can check out the nearby tulip fields for an explosion of colour and beauty.

Why Amsterdam is best to be visited in Spring

Why Amsterdam is best to be visited in Spring

The National Celebrations

Picking spring as your season to visit Amsterdam means that you have a chance of being there during the most important celebrations for the Dutch. Queen’s Day, Remembrance Day as well as the Liberation Day are all celebrated in spring and that means that you will get a better glimpse into what this country is really about. The Remembrance Day, for example, commemorates the fallen ones in the World War II and although it is not a public holiday, 2 minutes of silence are observed at 8 pm every single year. Following this day, on the 5th of May, the Dutch celebrate Liberation Day, also related to the World War II and to the Nazi occupation in Netherlands during it.

The Prices

There is a very high chance that you can score quite big on your savings if you choose to visit Amsterdam in the spring, especially in March when prices are still low. While the temperatures then may not be at their best, this will also mean that accommodation will most likely cost a lot less than in the summer, for example. As soon as the temperatures rise, the prices rise with them as well. Book in advance and you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous Amsterdam even on a smaller budget. Anyway you choose to do this, it will still be worth every single penny because Amsterdam is truly one in a million!

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