The Land of the White Tiger

Rewa is located in the district of Madhya Pradesh, which lies in central part of India. This place is famous for museums, forts, waterfalls and historical villages. Govindgarh Palace is one of the major tourist attractions of the place, which is popular for protecting the first white tiger, who was called Mohan. Travelers can also visit the Baghael Museum, which reflects the life of the Maharaja of Rewa. Other than historical places, the Royal Museum, Rewa Fort and Venkat Bhavan can be visited by travelers to admire the history of Rewa Kingdom.

White Tiger

White Tiger by Ted

The other spectacular sightseeing places of this destination are temples like the Chowandi Temple and the Ram Govind Temple. Other than these, tourists can also visit the Raipur Karchulian, which is situated 15 km from Rewa and is connected through Rewa-Allahabad Road.

Visitors can also look into other places like Baikunthpur, Guhr and Sirmour, that are located here. Hujur and Teonthar are the other places that can be visited by travelers while traveling to Rewa.

On the north-east side the district is bounded by the state of Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, the south is encircled by Sidhi District. While on the west, there is Raghurajnagar and Amarpatan tahsils of Satna District. This place corresponds an isosceles triangle in its shape, with its two longer arms broadening in the east direction towards Mauganj, whereas the base of the triangle lies along the border of Satna District.

Rewa District got its name from its district headquarters that is Rewa town. Primitively, Rewa is other name for River Narmada. According to history, it is believed that in the third century BC, the regions which are now the part of this district, were under the sovereignty of the Maurya Dynasty.

Other than its rich history, Rewa is also best-known for white tigers, as the first white tiger was caught in this district. In addition while hiking through the tiger reserve, tourists can also find several fascinating places which include Royal Museum, Rewa Fort and Pili Kothi.

The good time to visit this place is during the months of monsoon season, which includes the months of July, August and September.

With the accessibility of flights, buses and trains, visiting Rewa is not challenging. Those people who are traveling by air, can board flights to the nearest airport in Rewa district. In addition, people traveling from international places can useĀ Jabalpur Airport. Tourists can also head towards other places by trains, which are served by Rewa Railway Station, that is situated about 5.8 km from Rewa. Buses are also available to Rewa, and many of the bus companies operate from Khajuraho.

Do you fancy a glimpse of a white tiger? Then a visit to lovely Rewa may be for you!